Classic Hot Chocolate (Milk) 30g


Rich and creamy, this is the traditional hot chocolate. How to prepare this delicious hot drink:
Mix 1 bag of Majani cacao powder with 125 ml of milk (preferably at room temperature). Put it in a pan and slowly bring to the boil until reaching the desired density.

Single serving pack. Gluten free.

About Majani

Italian Chocolate that made history! Majani was the first chocolate maker to produce hard chocolate from the liquid drinks that were enjoyed by European aristocracy and clergy through the late 1700’s. Their original shop opened in the center of Bologna in 1796 and is still creating raw cocoa bean-to-bar chocolate today.

Their most signature creation is the world famous FIAT cube, made for the launch of the early FIAT automobiles in 1911. It is a fine chocolate made with four interchanging layers of milk chocolate and “gianduia” cream of hazelnut representing the auto’s name, the Tipo 4.

The tastefully designed and classically European paper wraps are a prelude to the finest selection of products, including dark and milk chocolate, hazelnuts, almonds, nougat, gianduia, and fruit candies. Whether you’re looking for an array of rare cacao flavours or chocolate in unique shapes and designs, the Majani collection is the perfect gift for every chocolate purveyor.

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