De Robertis Chiaroscuro Extra Virgin Olive Oil 500ml


De Robertis CHIAROSCURO is a premium quality extra virgin olive oil made only with the highest quality, hand selected Coratina olives grown on our family estate. CHIAROSCURO is characterized by an extremely low acidity and a very high polyphenol concentration value. We never (ever) blend our olive oil. This commitment to purity and quality results in a truly exceptional extra virgin olive oil with maximum health benefits.

High levels of ‘free fatty acids’ are a testament to the quality of our olive oil and reflective of our care and attention during the entire production process. From carefully nurturing blossoming olive flowers and maintenance of the soil to immediate milling upon harvest and good storage practices, everything we do on the estate is designed to encourage maximum levels of free fatty acids in the final product. Chiaroscuro (just like its name suggests) is an olive oil which loves contrasts and strong flavors, even when it comes to the kitchen: the sweetness of food makes this EVOO’s characteristic bitterness harmonious and balanced.
With its vegetable and spicy notes, Chiaroscuro can enrich a wide range of appetizers – in particular, we would suggest you to use it on bruschetta with salami or with Ventricina Teramana, a soft spreadable made of pork fat seasoned with spices such as red peppers and fennel seeds; you can also add Chiaroscuro to bruschetta with ‘Nduja, a particularly spicy soft spread made of pork fat from Calabria, or on bruschetta with marinated salmon or tuna, or one with tasty sweet tomatoes. Chiaroscuro also gives delicious vegetable notes to meat carpaccio and legume soup (e.g. pork and beans soup).

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