Olio Verde Extra Virgin Olive Oil 500ml


Tasting notes
Olio Verde Extra Virgin Olive Oil—made from 100% Nocellara del Belice olives—is luscious and silky in the mouth with balanced notes of tomato leaf, green apple and a delicate finish of white pepper. A medium to robust oil.

How to use
Olio Verde is an all-purpose Sicilian olive oil—use on everything from delicate crudo and platters of fresh seafood to classic Sicilian and Southern Italian dishes like caponata and grilled swordfish with capers.

About the Producer
Gianfranco Becchina owns the 60 acres in northwestern Sicily once owned by Princess Pignatelli of Spain – this land has had olive trees for as long as anyone can remember, but it was Becchina’s attention that restored the grove to its current state. Olio Verde is pressed from only one variety of olive, the Nocellara del Belice. Becchina harvests the olives sooner in the year, usually October, than most olive growers, but insists the quality of the olives at this particular time is what gives the oil its distinctive “green” flavor.

Notable Mentions: We agree with The Kitchen that, “A bottle of really good olive oil may be the most versatile gift you can give a cook.”

2018 New York International Olive Oil Competition: Gold
2019 New York International Olive Oil Competition: Silver

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Olio Verde

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