Muraglia Fumo (Smoked Olive Oil)


The first of its kind, this ‘Fumo’ Smoked Extra Virgin Olive Oil is naturally cold-smoked using natural woods, made exclusively with cold-pressed Peranzana olives grown in Puglia. Unique for its exceptional fragrance and nuanced flavor, this oil has an elegant finish that enhances your raw ingredients without overpowering their identity. On the palate, it is full of delicate tones, with powerful hints to a smoky past. It closes in a deliciously spicy way with a long, flowery finish.

Olive Varieties: 100% Peranzana (monocultivar).

Pairing ideas: grilled meat, ricotta, fatty fish.

Five generations ago, Antico Frantoio Muraglia started to produce extra virgin olive oil in Andria, in the Southern region of Puglia. Muraglia protects Puglia’s biodiversity, landscape, and olive trees, such as Coratina and Peranzana trees. They continue to harvest the olives by hand and to squeeze them cold in ancient stone mills.

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