Tutto Calabria Hot Spread Sauce 950ml


The Hot Spread Sauce from Tutto Calabria is a very hot spread made in the region of Calabria, in Southern Italy. It is produced in smaller batches. This Hot Spread Sauce is obtained blending eggplants, mushrooms, chili peppers, sundried, fresh tomatoes, garlic, salt and vinegar. Enjoy these Calabrian spread on toasted bread as an antipasto or add the spread on a sandwich. Ingredients: Spicy Pepper, Sunflower oil, Poppers, Mushrooms Lactarius deliciosus, Eggplant, Sun-dried tomatoes, Artichokes, Carrots, Extra virgin olive oil, Salt. Company History: Celli Antonio with his wife Celli Adele found Tutto Calabria back in 1970. Their mission is to preserve Calabrian food traditions and make the best products from the land they love.

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Tutto Calabria

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